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Rachael Dutton

Rachael Dutton mum of 3 aged 34.

Danny Macdonald

“Working with Mark at Bodyworks enabled me to set my British record and become World Champion”

Danny Macdonald

Aged 25
World & British Drug Free Squat Champion 2013
& British record holder

Gill Thomson

“After years of unsuccessful yo-yo dieting, slimming clubs and exercise classes, Mark was recommended to me. With 12 months of PT and nutritional advice, I lost 3 stones and dropped 4 dress sizes! More importantly, I now have more confidence, finally feel in control of my weight, and I am still a size 10 three years on!”

Gill Thomson

Aged 40
Depty Head Teacher

Nathaniel Fletcher

“Thanks Mark for all your help in helping me to win the British Championships and get both my British records. I’m really looking forward to us carrying on this year and working towards becoming World Champion & world record holder”

Nathaniel Fletcher

Age 18
British Teenage Champion 2014
2 x British record holder

           ” Thanks you once again for all your help, support and advice over the last year and helping me become World Champion. “

Age 19
World Teenage Champion 2015
5 x British record holder

Maxine Desse

“Mark is very knowledgeable and very professional. He changed the way I workout and I have made so much progress. Highly recommended.”


Maxine Desse

Age 47


Len Jones

“Thank you so much for helping me with both my diet and exercise, especially with all my health problems. I didn’t think I would ever feel this strong and healthy again as I do now.”

Harold Leonard Jones

Aged 73


Dr John Hall

“I’ve worked with Mark over the past year to try and improve my fitness. I had not done any exercise since school (20 years) and had developed a few health problems, so was keen to take things at an appropriate pace. Over the course of the year I have made significant progress in terms of my general fitness. My muscle tone has improved as has my cardiovascular fitness. I’m not someone who enjoys exercise, but I came to look forward to the sessions with Mark. They were challenging, but within a supportive environment.

More recently, myself and my partner have also been undertaking conditioning and strength training sessions together and we have both experienced the benefits of Mark’s tutelage.”

Dr John Hall

John Allison

As a result of the changes to my diet recommended by Mark.

“there has certainly been an overall increase in my energy levels in the afternoons and a definite increase in the duration I can play matches at a high pace”

“I was able to keep up a high pace during a match lasting around 70 minutes whereas previously I had been struggling after 40 minutes”

“the fat levels around my entire torso have reduced to the extent that people who have not seen me for a while comment on the change in my appearance frequently”

” I have dropped from 11 stone 10lbs to 10 stone 12lbs”

“my cholesterol levels have lowered”

“this diet will form the backbone of my future eating habits and it’s extremely unlikely I will return to my previous diet. Basically, the benefits from this nutrition change are too good to throw away.”

John Allison

Contract Manager

Nutrition Package client.