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Nutrition is one of the most important factors influencing our health. What we eat affects how we feel, our resistance to infection, the amount of energy we have, our mood, and the enjoyment of our lives. The nutrients we consume and absorb provide us with the basic building blocks to keep us healthy. An adequate nutritional intake helps reduce our risk to developing diseases.

Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Nutritional Therapy focuses on the link between health and our diet, with an emphasis on identifying the root cause of any health problem. A wide range of tools are used to assess and identify any nutritional imbalances there may be in your current diet and lifestyle. After an initial consultation I will provide you with an individual nutritional plan to follow that may, where appropriate, include supplements. The plan will make use of the latest nutritional science to promote your health, wellness and performance. To further support you follow up consultations are arranged and will look to review your progress with the nutritional plan and fine tune it to produce the improvements you are looking for.


A Nutritional Package is available that includes a full initial consultation and 2 months nutritional support that includes 2 follow up sessions.


For Functional Health Testing – please see the seperate page via Services.

Mark’s opinion

“Eating optimally has played a significant role in me achieving my own goals of becoming British & World Champion and setting records. More importantly I believe it is one of the main reasons I am very rarely ill and also puts me in a great position to fight any infections I do catch. As a professional Nutritional Therapist and a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) I will work with you, via one to one private consultations, to help establish the root cause to any health issue you may have. I will then help and support you in balancing your diet to improve your health and increase your energy levels.”

Mark Hesketh – Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer

Consultations £60.00 (Approx 1 hour)

Follow Ups £50.00 (Approx 45 minutes)

Nutritional Therapy Package £139.99 (2 months support)