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indexWhat is nordic walking?

Walking is without doubt an excellent and often underestimated way to both improve your fitness and help maintain a healthy bodyweight.

Nordic walking enhances ordinary walking, making it a far more effective form of exercise. It is a very specific fitness technique using specially designed poles and is very different to trekking, hill walking or trail running.

What are the benefits of nordic walking?

Whilst Nordic walking can be done by anybody it is important to learn the technique correctly if a participant is to get the full benefits from the activity.

The correct technique of nordic walking, and specific use of the poles, greatly increases the involvement of the upper body muscles whilst also working the legs. This technique enables around 90% of the body’s muscles to be used together functionally resulting in a significant increase in calorie expenditure for participants.

If done correctly nordic walking:

  • Tones the muscles of the legs, buttocks, chest, shoulders, back, abdominals and the back of your arms.
  • Increases cardiovascular demand
  • Can increase calorie consumption by 20% compared to ordinary walking
  • Is good for your posture
  • Feels easier than ordinary walking
  • Can reduce shoulder and neck tension
  • Can lift your mood
  • Helps older participants maintain functional capacity

Mark’s opinion

“Nordic walking plays an integral part in maintaining my own bodyweight and the low bodyfat levels I reach in order to compete. It is an excellent and social form of exercise that can be tailored to any level of fitness. It is also a great way to get out and about, making the most of the fabulous countryside and coastline that we have here on the Wirral. It would be an ideal activity for anybody to add to an overall health improvement programme.”

Mark Hesketh – Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer