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Are you currently experiencing a lot of stress?

Are you going through a period of significant change or uncertainty in your life?

Do you lack confidence or self belief?

Are you anxious or do you have a phobia?

Would you like to lose weight or give up smoking?

All of these circumstances (and many more) can make us feel we have a lack of control over our destiny or that we lack choices.

Coaching, NLP or Hypnotherapy with me is a private, professional & confidential step by step process that can help you to find what you are looking for in order to ‘Create Your Future’. From the very first session you will start to feel more in control and motivated, so that you can make your life fulfilling, optimistic, satisfying and happy.

Individual sessions and packages of sessions are available.

Life Coaching, NLP & Hypnotherapy can also be combined with professional nutritional advice and an exercise programme tailored to you to create a full holistic lifestyle package.

Call for an informal no obligation chat or send me an email and I will call you back.

Mark Hesketh

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

NLP Coach

Hypnosis Practitioner

Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Create Your Future Practitioner

Member of the American Board of NLP