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  • Healthy eating in West Kirby Wirral

    Healthy eating in West Kirby Wirral

    A quick healthy curry made last night. Healthy eating isn’t expensive, time consuming or hard to do. This took 20 minutes to prepare and cook, was easy to make, cost around £5.00 and would serve 4 people. Turkey breast strips, spinach, cashew nuts, onion, garlic, lots of healthy herbs and very very tasty.

    The food we eat provides the building blocks for our health and can help support you if you have a lack of energy, want weight loss, have skin problems, digestive problems, circulation problems, high cholesterol, lift your mood or indeed most health problems. So if you would like an assessment and advice on your diet from a professional Nutritional Therapist, fully registered with both BANT and CNHC, then get in touch for a chat.

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